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Pittsburgh KOHLER® Shower Accessories

Installing a new shower? Don’t forget to add stylish KOHLER® shower accessories. At Luxbath by Legacy Remodeling, our helpful designers will guide you through choosing accessories that look great with your shower and improve functionality.

Since 1987, our award-winning shower company has helped Pittsburgh homeowners transform outdated bathrooms into stylish spaces—and we’ll do the same for you. When choosing the color and style of your new shower, be sure to also consider:


From fixed shower accessory options to rainfall showerheads, we have exactly what you want. Our showerheads are available in black matte, brushed nickel, and polished chrome finishes, so it’s easy to coordinate with any KOHLER LuxStone® shower. Shower kits, which include all the fixtures you’ll need in a single bundle, are also available.

Hand Showers

The convenience of hand showers can’t be overstated. This shower accessory option makes it so much easier to wash your hair, bathe your kids, and make sure your four-legged family members are squeaky clean. It also makes cleaning your shower easier—especially with easy-maintenance KOHLER showers that usually require nothing more than a quick rinse.

Shower Fittings

Add all the storage your family needs with features like shower lockers and floating shelves. You can also provide a safer showering experience by adding grab bars, which can be installed on accessible showers or any of our other products. As is the case with every item we offer, KOHLER shower fittings are covered by an impressive warranty.

Learn More About Premium KOHLER Showers and Accessories

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